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Sunday, 25 March 2012


Hi dearies, we apologize for having been on an unannounced hiatus for a long time. :( but we're back and we're having our clearance sale! :) We're clearing all items to make room for the new hence...

Get ANY 2 chained necklaces (Chains of Fortune & Vintage Chains) for the price of RM30 including postage!
Isn't it a real catch? ;)

Furthermore, mannequins are now going for RM25 each! and 2 for RM45 ONLY!

Belts (Chiffon Roses & Glimmer) -----> RM18 each

Skirts -----> RM25 each

Blazers (Lace Cliches & Corporate Chic) -----> RM40 each

Dresses -----> RM35 each

Trousers -----> RM30 each

Tops -----> RM32 each

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